Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Golden-crowned Sparrow, LB #475

Yesterday after seeing on the Vermont Center for Ecostudies website the presence of a Golden-crowned Sparrow in Orwell, Vermont I emailed the bird's "hosts" Marlene and Norton Latourelle to inquire if it was still hanging out at their residence and, if so, would it be o.k. to drop in. Marlene got back to me and said that it was and provided directions to their home and art gallery. This afternoon I made the 1.5 hour drive and was not at all disappointed. The Latourelle's have graciously welcomed birders into their backyard to observe this first for the state record since the bird arrived about 10 days ago. Upon arriving I was in the company of Norton, Marlene, Ernest Franzgrote, and two other birders who had come over from Keene, NH. Shortly after we were joined by another birder from Burlington. We had excellent views and photo opportunities of this West Coast specialty, and after everyone had left I was further rewarded by hearing its song two or three times. My visit culminated with Marlene showing me the gallery and Norton's wood sculptures of birds, fish, dogs and other critters. His latest subject of course is a nicely sculpted and painted Golden-crowned Sparrow.

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